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Proven design for the most demanding applications

Low Voltage Switchgear

Our engineered-to-order, custom-built Low Voltage Switchgear family is designed to NEMA standards in accordance with CSA C22.2 No 14 and IEEE C37.20.1. Our solutions are available in draw-out or fixed mounted designs with main bus continuous current ratings from 600 A to 5,000 A, up to 100 kA symmetrical short circuit current, and voltage ratings up to 600 V. 

Many enclosure options are available, including NEMA 1, NEMA 3R or Stainless Steel. CO7 Technologies Low Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear features the latest in distribution and control technology. Our design and manufacturing expertise allow us to offer power circuit breakers, metering, and monitoring systems from all major manufacturers, resulting in endless options for custom distribution and control configurations. We also maintain our own CSA/UL files, so you can be assured that you have selected the safest, most reliable, and effective solution available.

Our Arc Resistant Low Voltage Switchgear is designed to protect your personnel and equipment from the destructive energy and force of an arc flash incident. Our ArcRes Switchgear utilizes specially designed ducting to safely exhaust any arc flash incidents out of the area and away from your personnel and equipment. ArcRes Low Voltage Switchgear is designed with the latest power circuit breaker and solid state trip unit technology with continuous current capacity up to 5,000 A, interrupting rating of 100 kAIC and voltage ratings up to 600V.

Low Voltage Switchgear
Medium Voltage Switchgear

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Our Medium Voltage solutions are custom designed by our highly experienced in-house engineering team ensuring our solution matches your needs precisely. Whether your project is greenfield or brownfield, simple or complex, anywhere around the world, you can count on CO7 Technologies for reliability, durability, and flexibility.

Our designs can be integrated with those from multiple third-party manufacturers, or our own components to bring you the most versatile and customizable solutions available in the market today. From simple indoor switchgear assemblies to stand-alone outdoor NEMA 3R equipment, we have the expertise to design, manufacture, test, and commission our products to meet your specifications.

Design flexibility allows us to provide our customers with custom designed products to specifically meet their needs and requirements. Using our MODU-AL structure, our MV switchgear design is very flexible and robust, adapt to space limitations and coordinate with existing equipment, while meeting rigorous industry standards.

Our Metal-Enclosed and Metal-Clad and Arc-Resistant switchgear families cover applications up to 38kV, 5,000A, 60kA. Our MODU-ALTM aluminum profiles eliminate the inaccuracies related to the manufacture of conventional steel panels, while providing strength and flexibility, giving us endless possibilities to design custom switchgear that fits your requirements.


Scope of Work

Low Voltage

Medium Voltage

Voltage: from 480 V to 600 V
Current: 800 A to 5000 A
Short-Circuit Current: 42 kA, 65 kA, 85 kA and 100 kA
Type: Metal-Enclosed (ME) 

Voltage: from 1,000 V to 38,000 V
Current: 800 A to 5000 A
Short-Circuit Current: 25 kA, 40 kA, 60 kA and 85 kA
Type: Metal-Enclosed (ME) and Metal-Clad (MC)


CSA C22.2 No 31
IEEE C37.20.1, C37.20.2 and C37.20.7
Hydro-Quebec, Hydro One, ...



This innovative proprietary concept of aluminum profiles eliminates the inaccuracies associated with manufacturing conventional steel panels, while offering superior strength and flexibility. The various shapes of extrusions and molded corners provide a multitude of options, reducing the reliance on fasteners and other accessories while ensuring accurate self-aligning assemblies.


Features and benefits


Aluminum frame: Eliminates Eddy currents in the structure while providing outstanding properties in terms of rigidity, accuracy and continuity of supply.


Aluminum panels and steel: Depending on the application and customer needs, a wide variety of finishes and colors are available.


Flexibility and Strenght: Compared to conventional steel structures, aluminum extrusions not only offer superior strength but also excellent flexibility, making them highly adaptable for special arrangements.


Continuity of masses: The properties of aluminum, in terms of conductivity, provide increased security level of the structure, by directly linking the modules at the point of primary mass allowing equipotentiality across the equipment.


High reliability in & out: Accuracy and anti-corrosive properties of aluminum extrusions can offer a wide range of quality products designed for indoor and outdoor use.


Internal arcs resistant: We offer a wide range of products that have undergone certification testing for resistance to internal arc type 2C, as prescribed by ANSI / IEEE C37.20.7.


Retrofit: The concept is ideal for modernization and replacement. The freestanding structure is easily adaptable to accommodate several types of circuit breakers, disconnectors, and other electrical components.


38 kV – 5000A Capacity: The concept is used for a wide range of products (available from 480 volts to 38 kilovolts). Depending on the needs and applications, different designs are available for current values ​​up to 500A.


Fast Turn Around: The MODU-AL greatly reduces the production time and allows the quickest turn around on the market.

Universal Cradle:

CO7 Technologies developed a unique breaker mechanism that brings:

Increase SAFETY for operators
EFFICIENCY due to its ease of use.
ADAPTABILITY to mee your needs.

Main Features:

  • Three distinct positions: Connected, Test and Disconnected

  • Fully integrated with the circuit breaker and each mechanism is operated individually

  • Operates without special handling with minimum effort

  • Can be operated manually or remotely (with motorized option)

  • Even with the motorized option, it is possible to operate it manually, at any times, without special handling, effortless and safely.

  • Completely adaptable to meet the customer’s needs

  • Adapted to the majority of available circuit breakers on the market

  • Complies with CSA standards for switchgear inside use

  • Can be retrofitted into the vast majority of the medium voltage switchgear of CO7 Technologies already in service

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply: 120 Vc.a. or 125Vd.c., 5A

  • Torque required to move the circuit breaker in manual mode: < 6.8 N.m (5 lbf.pi).

  • Motor maximal torque: 129.6 N.m (95.6 lbf.pi) (motorized option).

  • Double position check: by encoding and limit switches

  • The Mechanism is protected by a motor drive overload protection


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