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  • Christian Cossette

Acquisition de CO7 Technologies

With this acquisition, CO7 Technologies aims to excel in the design and manufacture of Canadian-developed products for North American and international markets.

Montreal, Quebec - September 24, 2020 - CO7 Technologies (CO7), a Montreal-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of protection and distribution equipment used in electrical networks, announced on September 24 that it has acquired the assets and intellectual properties of three product lines from Schneider Electric: fused circuit breakers (known as Securupt), Doghouse indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breakers and "Dead Tank" (VOX) outdoor circuit breakers. These products are essential components of the electrical networks that supply homes and businesses.

Securupt fused circuit breakers have been used throughout the Quebec power grid for almost 30 years. Their exceptional reliability and rugged design make them one of the best fused circuit breakers on the market. The world-renowned Doghouse and VOX medium-voltage circuit breakers are an essential component of electrical substations.

This acquisition enables CO7 to ensure continuity of supply of solutions to global customers, while actively investing in the evolution of its product range, developing new features and expanding its product portfolio. "The proven reliability of these three product lines coupled with our highly experienced team ensures continuity, commitment and development for our current and future customers," says Christian Cossette, President of CO7 Technologies. "Our dedication to designing and producing essential components for today's and tomorrow's power grids makes CO7 the ideal partner for utilities and electro-intensive customers."

Job creation in Quebec

All assets related to the three product lines, including production equipment from two Schneider plants, Brossard (Quebec) and Regensburg (Germany), will be moved to CO7's offices in Montreal, Quebec before the end of the year. CO7 is proud to expand its activities in Canada, serving North American and international markets while creating new high-quality jobs, even during this pandemic.

About CO7 Technologies

Headquartered in Montreal (QC), CO7 Technologies is dedicated to the development and manufacture of electrical power protection and distribution equipment capable of withstanding the impacts of inclement weather, reducing the duration of power outages and ensuring the safety of operators and customers, while ensuring the supply of energy to all at all times. CO7 Technologies' human scale and focus on the electric utility and electro-intensive markets make it an agile, fast-moving and connected company that listens to its customers. To find out more:



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