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Innovation Creator

Are you a creative, dynamic and innovative person who wants to put your talents in the development of products that enable the reliable flow of electricity supplying millions of people around the world?

We are looking for innovative creators to expand our product offering to even better serve our customers around the world.

The necessary skills

  1. University degree in electrical or mechanical engineering or relevant experience in the design of electrical protection equipment;

  2. At least 2 years of experience in a similar position;

  3. Experience in the field of low and medium voltage electrical distribution and protection;

  4. Member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec, an asset;

The challenges at CO7

  1. Develop innovative electrical protection products according to the required specifications;

  2. Design prototypes and validate them on a test bench

  3. Develop innovative manufacturing processes

  4. Develop molds, jigs and other manufacturing equipment

  5. Work with the sales and marketing, production and R&D team to find and implement new technologies and new ways of doing things;

  6. Document the tests, write reports and internal procedures

The CO7 team attitude 

  1. Commitment and Pleasure;

  2. Pride in customer success;

  3. Attention to detail and quality;

  4. Optimism and adaptability;

  5. Resourcefulness and autonomy;

  6. Creativity and innovation;

  7. Always on the lookout for new technologies;

  8. Collaboration and teamwork;

  9. Bilingual (French, English) both orally and in writing.


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