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  • Christian Cossette

The VOX is now certified for use in the UK

CO7 Technologies has received its Notice of Conformity Certificate (NOC) for 38kV VOX outdoor breaker to ENA Technical Specification 41-36, from the Energy Networks Association (ENA), certifying that the VOX Outdoor breaker can be used on the United Kingdom Supply System


Originally designed by Areva in Montpellier, France in the early 2000, the VOX is now produced in the CO7 Technologies state of the art factory in Montreal, Canada. CO7 is committed to the high quality and reliability of the VOX while looking for the future with new designs and functionalities.

The VOX in a nutshell

  • GIS sealed for life dead tank

  • No gasket, all parts, bushings, and covers are welded together

  • The 3 vacuum interrupters and bussing are completely insensitive to environmental factors such as dust, dirt, moisture, conductive metal dust

  • Optimized for reliability, reduced maintenance, and low cost of ownership

  • 27kV to 38kV class / 200kV BIL – ANSI, 170kV BIL ENATs 41 -36

  • Available in 6 types, depending on rated current (1200; 2000 A) and short-circuit current (25; 31.5; 40 kA)

  • Designed and tested to meet the standards of IEC, IEEE, BS, AS, GOST and GB

  • Ambient temperature -40oC / +40oC (special option to -60oC)

  • Suitable for aggressive and harsh environment

  • High mechanical and dielectric performance

For more information, contact CO7’s representative in the UK, JunctionPower.

Frank McCarthy

T: +44 203 886 0861 (United Kingdom)

T: +353 1 969 5928 (Republic of Ireland)

Jerry Grootveld

Director of Sales

T: +1.604.986.8392  

C: +1.236.995.4751



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