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Main Features

Exceptional Reliability: Engineered to the highest standards of quality and performance, the VRupt7 delivers unwavering reliability, even in the most demanding environments. Its robust components and state-of-the-art construction ensure uninterrupted operation.

Advanced Safety: The VRupt7 incorporates cutting-edge safety features, including rapid fault detection and interruption systems, to ensure the protection of the electrical network and the safety of personnel.

Durable Design: Through the use of high-quality materials and sophisticated engineering, the VRupt7 is built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions and offer an extended service life.

Ease of Installation: Despite its rugged construction, the VRupt7 benefits from an ergonomic design that greatly facilitates installation, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Application Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of medium voltage networks, the VRupt7 can be deployed in numerous applications, offering a flexible solution to customers.

By combining reliability, safety, durability, and user-friendliness, the CO7 Technologies VRupt7 stands out as a premier vacuum fault interrupter for medium voltage power distribution.

  • 100 A, 27kV, 125kV BIL

  • 12kA rms asym • 450 mm creepage distance

  • Temperature range: -50oC, +40oC

  • ANSI C37.42, ANSI Z55.1,CAN/CSAG164

  • No insert in the porcelain to maintain integrity and maximum life span

  • Linkbreak for the easiest and safest operation without special equipment

  • All brass, no steel …

  • Fuse link attachement

Design & Specifications


2. Stainless steel hook

  • For loadbreak tools like the LoadBuster

3. Expansion cap

  • Especially design to relief the pressure

  • Easily replaceable

High Strength U''V'' resistant fuse tube

  • Designed to handle the pressure

Positive lever operated latch prevents opening from vibration or violent impact to the pole or the use of cover-up equipment

Lift ring specially designed to facilitate the handling and installation of the fuse holder

4. Upper support

Copper alloy - have extra thermal capacity and contact area for dependable, continuous operation at the disconnect rating. Their large, heat absorbing mass conducts the highest rated momentary currents without overheating.

5. Fuse holder contact

Ensures complete closure while minimizing electric arc The connection between shoe and terminal forms a reverse current loop, which further increases contact pressure during high current faults and prevents pitting and burning

6. Linkbreak

Patented mechanism for ensuring fuse breaking

1. Connection terminals

Enhanced – allowing cable connection vertically or horizontally

7. Fuse terminal straight through arrangement

• Eliminates difficulty of winding and securing cable

• Remove the stress on the fuse link and prevent change in its characteristics

Linkbreak Attachment

The Linkbreak mecanism is designed so that it will break element of fuse links rated from 1/3 through 100 A with a minimum of effort. Fuseholder extinguishes load current as if fuse element had melted due to an overload condition.


  • Low initial cost compared to cutouts with integral loadbreak devices;

  • ​No complicated interrupter device to possibly fail;

  • Can be hookstick operated from ground with standard or extend stick. It is not necessary to climb the pole as it is for portable loadbreak tool in the event bucket truck is not available or location is such that it cannot be reached by bucket truck.

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  • The circuit-breaker has a service life of 30 years in the extreme conditions of Quebec (temperature, humidity, salty air).

  •  The circuit-breaker's robustness and versatility enable it to be used in a wide range of applications, such as protection of transformers and capacitive networks. Transformers and capacitive networks

  • Robustness reduces false opening and minimizes maintenance and operator travel costs

  • A single model can be used across an entire electrical network, maximizing inventory management

Operational safety

  • Eyelet design facilitates fuse insertion on the base, especially when using long ground poles

  • Unique locking system ensures the fuse holder closes securely, ensuring the safety of line workers

  • Gripping hook design and position enables reliable use of LoadBuster for fuse opening

  • The expansion plug allows pressure to escape upwards in the event of a short-circuit, minimizing the risk of fire and protecting operators

  • The unique fuse attachment system prevents the fuse from elongating, thus reducing its breaking capacity. It also minimizes the need for operators to travel for maintenance

  • The "linkbreak" allows a lineman to manually break the fuse inside the tube. Although this destroys the fuse it allows the circuit-breaker to be opened, now de-energized, without the use of special tools, and will not create a dangerous arc. The design of the breaking mechanism provides a reliable break that no competitor can offer.



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