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Main Features

CO7 Technologies has designed the VRuptS polymer-insulated cutout with a hydrophobic silicone rubber insulator for lighter weight, longer life and higher resistance to mechanical failure, especially in harsh climates.

  • High shock resistance

  • Low weight (from 3 to 10 times lower with respect to the porcelain cut-out)

  • High resistance in cold environments (low temperature)

  • High resistance in highly polluted environments

  • High resistance against ultraviolet radiations

  • High arc resistance

  • Greater dispersion distance with the same spark gaps

  • Greater hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance properties that keep the surfaces of the insulators clean

The V-RuptS has been design and manufactured following ANSI C37.42 “Specification for Distribution Cutouts and Fuse Links”.


The V-RuptS cutout is designed to be fuseholder interchangeable with polymer cutouts manufactured by S & C Electric Co. (Type XS), A.B. Chance Co. (Type C) and ABB (Type ICX).

Design & Specifications

VruptS - 15kV - 3D Plan circled_edited

1. Upper support

Vertical spring contact with Self centered feature. 

3.  steel hook

  • For loadbreak tools like the LoadBuster

2. Standard cap

  • Especially design to relief the pressure

  • Easily replaceable

High Strength U''V'' resistant fuse tube

  • Designed to handle the pressure

Positive lever operated latch prevents opening from vibration or violent impact to the pole or the use of cover-up equipment

5. Polymer Insulator

The VRuptS uses a proprietary Enhanced Silicone Polymer (ESP) material that is lighter and provides exceptional resistance to environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

4.  Fuse tentioning device

  • Keeps the fuse link tentioned, centered and helps on its expulsion



  • Lightweight Design: Easier to handle and transport compared to other fault interrupters

  • Cost-Effective: Provides a more affordable solution without compromising quality or performance

  • Simplified Operation: Straightforward design and functionality for user-friendly interaction

  • Industry Standard Compatibility: Interchangeable with fuse products from other suppliers, offering greater flexibility

  • Ease of Packaging and Transport: Compact size and lightweight construction simplify logistics and shipping

Operational Safety Features:

  • Smooth, Easy Closing: Unique latch design allows for safe and effortless closing with audible confirmation

  • Integrated Loadbreak Function: Enables manual fuse link breaking without specialized tools, increasing safety for linemen

  • Glove-Friendly Operation: Stainless steel components facilitate safe handling, even with protective equipment

  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Engineered to meet or exceed the most stringent safety requirements



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Screenshot 2024-05-16 113525
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